He got an A+

I went on a date with someone who pleasantly surprised me. How?

He had MANNERS. Like, really good manners. It was as if he had read all my dating advice

Maybe he had…

But, he didn’t seem a novice at being a gentleman.

This was what he did:
  1. Arrived on time.
  2. Was dressed in properly fitting, flattering and classically stylish clothes.
  3. Complimented me within the first fifteen minutes.
  4. Looked in in the eyes.
  5. Looked me in the eyes.
  6. Treated me to an ice cream cone.
  7. Touched the small of my back at every opportunity he got without being grabby.
  8. Did NOT manhandle me.
  9. Did NOT pounce on me.
  10. Did NOT kiss me.
  11. Messaged me after to tell me he had fun and asked me when he could see me again.
Someone get me some smelling salts because I think I might faint.

Thanks #99 for representing so well for your gender!

You get an A+ on first date behavior.

That was a date I walked away from with a smile on my face.

Will there be a second date? Stay tuned!

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