This is what happens when you make me text.

So, I went on an outing the other day with a guy I met on Bumble.

I am calling it an "outing" because I am not sure whether or not it was a date; he refused to confirm that with me, which I was fine with given that he was significantly younger.

I knew I wanted to meet Date TBD, I'll call him DTBD for short, because a. he has a really nice face and b. he wrote me clever messages which let me know not only that he had read my blog and was pretty enthusiastic about it, but also that he had a good personality.

DTBD originally asked me if I wanted to have coffee and, of course, my response was, "coffeeeeeeee???? come onnnnnnnn I thought you read my blog."

To which he responded "Ugh, I knew I would probably get chewed out for that."

Despite not having a job, I am extremely busy writing my blog, editing my book, and trying to grow my Instagram following (as a way to promote my blog and hopefully gain an audience for my book). Therefore, I need to multi-task.

Nowadays, my ideal date is to just have someone join me doing what I need to do anyway. Actually, let's be honest, that has been my ideal kind of date since Tinder date #1 who I dragged around running errands with me.

So, I proposed DTBD accompany me for a picture taking outing in Georgetown.

Well, lucky me! It turned out that DTBD actually happened to be a photographer! Perfect!! And, he loved the idea!

Photo shoot!

(way more fun than "coffee" btw)

So, we agreed to meet early in the morning, 8:30 on a Sunday, to be exact, and we had a great time walking around and getting shots of some beautiful homes. He also got some great shots of me (see above, photo credit DTBD).

After a while, we stopped and shared a pastry at Christophe's Boulangerie. We sat outside and he actively and politely listened to me as I talked his ear off about all the things going on in my life.

I could have gone on and on talking with him but I had another mission: I needed to get a picture of burrs for the blog I was publishing the following day.

I just so happen to know what seems to be the one place in DC where some burrs grow. I've passed them many times (without touching them!) before crossing the bridge from Kalorama to Woodley Park.

DTBD agreed to come along with me so we trekked from Georgetown over to Dupont and up to the weed patch before the bridge and he kindly held my purse for me as I trod into the mud to get some shots.

Who knew burrs were so photogenic? Also, I love my camera!

So, I had a lovely time walking around, taking photos and trying both Cristophe's and The Donut Factory for the first time.

However, remember how I hate texting? Well, the night before we met, DTBD asked me for my number "for logistics." I gave it to him (while rolling my eyes) and our conversation then switched to text.

And you know how I said that I get amnesia as soon as a man makes me switch platforms?

Well, for the FOUR HOURS I enjoyed DTBD's company I could not follow my own rule number six on how to be charming because the whole time I was with him I couldn't remember his name!!!! For four hours!!!

So yeah, thanks DTBD for a great and productive Sunday morning and, please advise...

Do I add you to my spreadsheet?

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