I improved my statistics!!

So, as you know, I am in Argentina on vacation. I just spent a week in Santa Fe visiting friends from when I lived there twenty years ago.

Well, apparently, I need to be in a different hemisphere to have some luck in the dating world because...

I went on four dates!!

With the same person!!!

In one week!!!

Do you know how long it usually takes me to go on four dates with one person?

Four weeks!!

A whole month to see someone just four times?

That is so depressingly ridiculous.

Do you know the last time I had four dates with someone I was into?

Um, before Christmas.

That was ten months ago.

How do I remember it was before Christmas?

Because after nine dates, #62 decided to tell me on Christmas Eve that he didn't want to see me anymore...


Well, guess whattttttttt?

My spark rate just improved, as did my number of 4th dates. I am now up to five fourth dates.


Let me tell you about #97: Leandro.

He is tall. He is muscular. And, he has one of the best faces I have ever seen...

...which makes the fact that he is actually NICE even more special.

I actually met a totally hot guy who is nice and genuine and straightforward and sincere who actually wanted to spend time with me and who responded to my messages, like, IMMEDIATELY.

I don't know if I am in another country, or on another planet!

Just feast your eyes on this face:


He saw me on Tinder and proactively messaged me on Instagram and we started chatting. He had lived in the US for three months and I've spent a lot of time in Argentina so we had a lot to talk about. I was not shy about telling him I wanted to meet him.

Like ASAP.

So, we met the next day for lunch and I got to sit in the window and watch the rain, trying not to stare at him tooooo much as we chatted about his time in the States and our cultural differences. It was such a nice moment.

I didn't expect we would have more than just lunch so it was a very nice surprise when the date turned into a multi-activity event that included going to my favorite place for ice cream and then on a mission to photograph old houses.

Did I mention his eyes are light green? I have never seen eyes that color before.


When he dropped me off, this tall, gorgeous, muscular male, did not even lay a finger on me. Despite the fact that I am only here for a few days and any rules about taking things slowly could (should?) be irrelevant.

Jaw drop.

The next day he wanted to take me out to his favorite pizza place because I am on a pizza eating mission while here. Argentina has the best pizza. However, I had tentative plans to have dinner with Yely, my host mom from when I lived here.

Let me tell you: it is very difficult to organize schedules when you have a limited amount of time to see many friends who live in a very disorganized culture where everything is decided at the last minute and you and they all have completely different definitions of what is "early" and what is "late" and when meals are supposed to be.

Yely wanted to have dinner "early" at 8:30 and Leandro wanted to have dinner "early" too. At 9:30. And then Yely changed her mind and also wanted to have dinner "early" at 9:30.

There was a lot of back and forth messaging trying to figure this out while I stressed about coordinating times and transportation and worried that Leandro would dislike the idea of having dinner with me and my host mom.

However, when I asked Leandro if he minded if the three of us had dinner together his response was, "No problem at all. I'll pick you up. Does Yely need me to pick her up too?"

Um, did you just read what I wrote above? I went on a second date with a guy who had no problem going out to dinner with a woman he barely knows and her Argentine mom.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that a tear came to my eye when I read his response. It made me emotional because that is just how it should be, right? Like, easy going? Relaxed? Fun? Agreeable? Laid back? Human?

If I asked a guy in the US for our second date to be dinner with me and my mom, um, he would tell me to check myself into the psychiatric ward.

Why are American men so hysterical? And I don't mean in the funny way.

(Please take note of his arms.)

Leandro had told me that the next day he had to go to Rosario, a city that is two hours away, to get something in his car fixed so I invited myself to go along. I figured I could keep him company on the drive there and back (by "keep him company," I meant "stare at his face") and go on a photography mission.

Well, if you told me that I was going to end up thinking that spending a day in car repair shops and listening to guys talk about cars and motorcycles all day was going to be one of the loveliest days of my life, I would tell you to check yourself into the psychiatric ward.

But I would have been wrong, because I had a GREAT day.

Leandro picked me up at 7:30 in the morning and we drove to Rosario where I ended up in the fanciest repair shop you can imagine.

On top of that, the owner and his staff are Leandro's friends and they were SO NICE. Super down to earth, friendly, inclusive guys.

So, I ended up spending the day with them and seeing various repair shops around the city as they were looking for parts or something. I don't really know what they were doing because I was too busy staring at Leandro.

All I know is there was a lot of car stuff going on and I wasn't bored for a second.

I also got to ride on a motorcycle.

And go out to lunch with these really nice guys!

Um. Let me recap for you: by date three I had already introduced him to my "mom," he had introduced me to his friends, AND we went on a road trip together.

And then, on top of all that, I got to hang out with him AGAIN for a fourth date. I'll keep the details of that one between us though.

Jaw drop, again.

So yeah, he was the closest thing I have had to a boyfriend in a really long time and I had a blast making such nice memories.

I like him.

I like him as a super hot, nice, sincere guy with a great personality that I went on four dates with and I like him in general, as a human.

And, even though I may never see his (perfect) face (and muscles) again, that is a nice, nice feeling.

So, thank you so much Leandro for being nice to me and making time for me and letting me into your world and for giving me a nice and happy story to share.

I loved every second of it.

Oh, and, um, please keep up the good work at the gym. On behalf of females everywhere, we appreciate it. A lot.

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