[This is part 3 of a 4 part story. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.]


I got a message from Cute Blonde Girl (CBG).


OMG, why is she contacting me?

I was a little afraid to open it. Was she mad at me for my blog? Was she going to ask me about my Not Relationship with Ten? Was she going to be mean and jealous?

Deep breath...


Um, NO... She messaged me to apologize to me.

I was blown away.

Her words are better than mine:

Hi. I'm the "friendly blonde girl" and I want to apologize. I should've said something that night. I didn't realize right away what was going on, but I had kinda figured it out by the time we walked in the door. I should've stopped and said something instead of walking in. But I didn't. And I'm sorry...

Also, you're a really good writer

So, yeah.

Also, swoon that she said I was a good writer.

What a gem of a person right? What grace, class, kindness.

She didn't need to do that. She did not need to reach out to me and she certainly did not need to apologize to me.

But she did, and it blew me away.

I wrote her back and thanked her for her kindness. In the last two years of dealing with App Guys, I have experienced a lot of things that have made me feel bad about humans, which depressed me. CBG's kind message acted as such a counterbalance. Her one message was worth like, I don't know, five last minute cancellations? Three unsolicited dick pics? Two ghostings? One door being shut on me in the rain, without an umbrella? She made me feel better about humans and she filled me with positive energy. That is a gift we can all give someone. It is so easy. Just, um, be NICE.

We started messaging back and forth, rapid fire messaging about the situation that had happened with Ten. But this story is no longer about him. 

Now it is about CBG and me.

(those were her words, actually)

I asked her if she minded if I wrote about her contacting me in my blog, as her example of grace and kindness should be made public and is such a better ending to the story. CBG's response?

I have zero problems with you writing the end of this story. Or at least the end of this chapter because I think we should be friends.

Would it be weird if I sent you a friend request? Would it be weirder if I asked if you wanted to grab drinks sometime?

Um, NO... It would be amazing!

In my last post I said I didn't know if I was supposed to get anything out of the universe aligning for that awkward situation to happen on the doorstep of Ten's building, in the rain.

But now I know:

I got a friend. And we are pretty much obsessed with each other.

CBG and I have plans to hang out tonight. I can't wait to meet her for real.

Oh, and this is the message that CBG sent me that she wrote to a friend of hers:

Update: Find out how CBG found my blog. All will be revealed!  :)

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  1. "Her one message was worth like, I don't know, five last minute cancellations? Three unsolicited dick pics?" LOL! I might be cynical, but it just goes to show that women>men. :P

  2. Is it the rain in Chicago or is that mist in my eyes? Does Ten know of your impending rendezvous?

    1. Aw, thank you!! He did not know ahead of time unless he read the blog.

  3. omg i love this. this goes to show just how wonderful of a person you are jen. you are kind, and thoughtful, and giving, and RELATE-ABLE. it also (fondly) reminds me of the time we became friends.. at the pool.. bonding over our terrible taste in argentine men, and realizing we had your ex in common LOL

    1. Thank you so much!! You are shown as "unknown" but I know who you are - hottest girl at the pool in the tiny black bikini!


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