Are you a good friend? Do you reach out to your friends? Do you check in with them? Do you keep up to date on the things going on in their lives? Do you reciprocate invitations? Are you thoughtful? Do you prioritize relationships? Do you extend yourself to people? Are you inclusive? When you know someone is going through a hard time, do you tell them to call you? Or do you reach out and call them? Do you know how valuable your friendship is? How reaching out to someone can completely change their mood? Their day? Their week? Has a friend ever done this for you? Have you ever felt down and lonely and then suddenly received a message and thought, wow, so-and-so was thinking of me - I matter?

A few years ago I didn't think I was a good enough friend. I didn't think that I was thoughtful enough. So I made it my New Year's resolution. That was three New Year's ago, before "eating more charcuterie" and "eating more burgers and pizza." I think that was a very good resolution. I took it seriously and I worked on it. It was a conscious decision and choice. It takes time and effort and energy to be a good friend. I think that I am a good friend now, though I still think I could be more thoughtful. And when it is reciprocated? When people reach out to me and are interested in my life and supportive of me? I don't know what brings a bigger smile to my face.

What is better than human affection? What is a better priority than letting the people you like know that you like them? Or that you love them? That you care about them?

Now, let me think. Who do I need to check in with?


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