My Nashville Story

After I missed my originally planned twelve hour stay in Nashville because my flight got cancelled, I finally made it!


So here's the story of how, once again, I found myself feeling like the luckiest girl in the world - getting to enjoy a spontaneous weekend away, a lovely hostess and my own private tour guide, a lunch with some readers, a free stay in a very fancy hotel...

After Jamie (above), saw her friend post about my book (below) (1), she got it herself and then "slid into my dm's" to tell me how much she was enjoying it.

[Strangers promoting my book for me is like ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!]

So, when I decided to attend The Nashville Chapter's book club after they chose my book (2), I told Jamie she should come since she also happened to live in Nashville. I wanted to meet this woman who was a stranger but who was texting me as if we were already best friends. When my flight got cancelled and I re-booked (3) to go to for the weekend, Jamie's first response was to invite me to stay with her (4).


A few days later, Jamie was showering me with hospitality, starting with her picking me up from the airport (5). What better way to be introduced to a new city than by a pretty, super dynamic woman (with a dimple!!) who was excited to show me her town (6).

How lucky was I??

Let me count the ways... I'm up to six so far.

First stop: a rooftop bar with a view of Broadway.

Back at Jamie's lovely home after our night time tour, it was such a nice role reversal for me to be a guest in a stranger's home (7) after having 71 strangers live with me.

Jamie even had her guest bathroom stocked with all the toiletries a guest could need!

The next day, once again in my life, I found myself with a personal local tour guide (8).

Apparently murals are a thing in Nashville.

Yeah, I agree!

I got to go in some really pretty stores:

Jamie was the perfect companion (9), down for dressing room photo shoots in cool stores (look at that dimple!!!):

Do you like my new dress - that was on sale (10)?

I was so excited that Lindsay, the founder of the book club, and Tina were available (11) to meet up with us for lunch that afternoon. In this picture I was seriously on cloud nine, getting to feel like I was on the inside, when so often I feel like I am on the outside (see Chapter 10 Loneliness, page 53).

Avocado toast on a pretty plate, surrounded by pretty ladies in a pretty restaurant (12)? Heaven.

Since Jamie had plans to go to a concert Saturday night, I had gratefully accepted when, after seeing my post (13) about going to Nashville for the weekend, a GENEROUS friend offered to use his hotel points to book me at Holston House (14).

Look at my shower (15)!!

With tentative plans to meet up after her concert, Jamie dropped me off at the hotel where I then spent a reasonable amount of time freaking out over my room before heading out to do some exploring on my own.

First stop was the rooftop of The Westin (click link to see the pool!!) just in time for sunset (16).

Earlier in the day, we'd seen a line of people a block long waiting to take pictures here but there was no line that night (17)...

I like bathrooms in fancy hotels.

I found this pastry display at the JW Marriott.

Look at those pastries!!

Since choosing a pastry would have been way too stressful, I opted for gelato, and then when I ordered the smallest size they offered, the gentleman ended up giving it to me for free (18)!!

Enjoying my free ice cream, I made my way back to my hotel to take some pictures of the pretty lobby and bar:

Then it was up to enjoy my hotel's rooftop pool while I waited for Jamie to get out of her concert.

By now it was around 11:00 and though I had contemplated going to bed, when a pretty girl with a dimple texts you and asks you to join her on a rooftop (19), you say YES. So, back to The Westin rooftop with Jamie. Look at that view (20)!

It's a shame that this photo is out of focus but I am including it because it shows exactly how I felt with my new friend Jamie.

What it doesn't show is how in awe of her I was. Normally, I am the most friendly and outgoing person I know. Jamie? She was like me x 100. She was a MASTER charmer. I needed more time with her! I felt like I had so much to learn!

So far I've counted twenty lucky things.

But what was the luckiest part?

The luckiest part was that I had an idea that I turned into a book and the book connected me to strangers like @flyboynn888pk who connected me to Jamie who showered me with hospitality and friendship. It connected me to Tina who I met once at a party and then whose book club chose my book. It connected me to a generous, anonymous reader who became a friend and used his points to get me a fancy hotel room and made me feel like a celebrity.

Connecting with people - that is the luckiest part of it all.

Plus, I really liked Nashville!

And then...

The next morning when I tried to check in at the airport...

I didn't have a seat assignment.

The ticket agent said I'd have to get one at the gate...

Was this going to be a giant hassle? Maybe.
Was I going to worry about it? No.

And guess what? Not only was it not a hassle, I ended up getting seated in the second row (21), allowing me to take this photo without the wing in the way as it usually is for me (22):

But there's one final best part....

Not only did they have Biscoff cookies on the flight but when I said they were my favorite, the flight attendant gave me two (23)*!!

23 lucky things.

Yep, luckiest girl in the world.

PS - Nathan in my book is named after Nathan Scott from the TV show One Tree Hill (my favorite characters of all time whose basketball jersey number happens to be 23). 
PPS - I also wrote the first draft of my book in 23 days. 
PPPS - It added up to 23 on it's own. I didn't plan it out that way. #everythingisconnected

Count how many ways you are lucky and tell me in the comments!

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