Ode to my OTTL

[People always ask me about my One True Tinder Love, so here is the story.]

We talked for a while before we met,
Maybe a month or two, is what I would bet.
From your pics I was dying to see your face,
But our messaging was occurring at a very slow pace.
I wasn’t as impressed by your conversation;
You seemed disinterested, which gave me reservation.
You impressed me though with one clever remark,
And that was the first time that I felt a spark.
We were texting about the things we were most proud.
When I told you mine, you made me laugh out loud.
“I road my bike from France to Italy,” is what I told you.
“Technically, that might not be very far,” you responded. Ha! So sharp and true.
I didn’t expect to like you, from your photos you looked like such a bro.
I was so surprised when you turned out to be the opposite though.
All I had wanted was to meet you one time, just sit across from your handsome face,
And then finally we set a date and you suggested the place.
To eat more burgers and pizza that year was a resolution I had made,
So our first date was Pizzaria Paradiso and you generously paid.
You made me nervous and I didn’t think the date was going very well,
But the fact that you didn’t end it after dinner, that conclusion you dispelled.
We went to Bar Dupont as our next place,
And that was where you first made my heart race.
You were wearing a t-shirt and I was dying to touch your muscular arms.
After a few more drinks, you finally started to turn on the charm.
“What kind of engagement ring do you want?” You asked me flirtatiously.
I almost fell off my chair, you made me so giddy.
We talked about where to honeymoon right on that first date.
That’s the kind of flirtation I like - all of a sudden it was going great!
And then you just swooped in and kissed me and caught me by surprise.
You were the absolute best kisser and I thought I would just die.
From then we went on eleven perfect dates,
Until you decided our age difference would seal our fate.
You told me you were “committed to this not going anywhere”
Which I understood, but I wished you didn’t care.
We had one last date before saying goodbye
And the weekend before it, all I did was cry.
But, I only wanted you to see me strong and happy,
A positive image I planned to leave in your memory.
And then that was it, you didn’t want to see me again
And for so long I tried to make my heart mend.
But I missed you and thought of you every hour of the day,
And no matter what I did the feelings just wouldn’t go away.
I liked you so much, I needed you to at least be my friend,
So messages of politics and jokes and updates I would send.
We never lost touch because I wanted you in my life,
Despite the fact that not being with you caused me so much strife.
And then fifteen months later, suddenly you were on your way to my place
And I couldn’t believe that I was going to get to see my favorite face!
When you showed up at my door, I couldn’t even breathe,
And after fifteen months of missing you, I finally had a short reprieve.
Nothing was going to change between us, things were still the same,
But I was unbelievably happy and grateful that you came.
Being near you filled me with so much energy and peace.
And still five days later, I needed a release.
So, I sat down to write out my feelings in a love letter,
Not to send, just to make me feel better.
And then I read it and I was like, “Wow.”
“This is the beginning of a book! I need to start writing it NOW.”
So for 23 days I wrote straight,
And in the end, you inspiring a book was actually our fate.
Working on the book became the solution to all the frustration
And the pride I felt in it filled me with elation.
I am so happy that I met you and that I know who you are.
I think you are almost perfect, so high you set the bar.
On March 15th to "chat in person" I'm so glad you came.
Because that night changed my life, and I'll never be the same.

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