“Some dude invited me to bake a ridiculously hard to make Peruvian cake”

The other day #13 contacted me to tell me how much he was enjoying my blog. It made me happy to hear from him and it made me feel great to know that he was reading my posts and was entertained by them.

We got to talking about the two dates we had gone on back in the winter of 2016 and it was really fun to share the memories. I kind of wanted to screenshot the whole conversation because the way he described our second date was really funny.

[See title of this post.]

Our first date was a typical one: my 2016 New Year’s resolution was to eat more burgers and pizza, and #13 offered to help me out with that by inviting me to try a pizza place that was close to where we both lived. I had a good time - he was super fun and had a great energy about him.

I wanted to introduce him to my parents immediately.

No, not because it was love at first date, just because I knew they would like him! He’s great! And, I like my parents to know all my friends and my friends to know my parents because my parents are awesome.

My mom is so cute – she is always commenting on my friends’ Facebook statuses or tagging them in things she thinks they’d find interesting. My parents and I have almost 150 Facebook friends in common!

Anyway… back to #13.

When he asked me to go out for a second date, I was totally up to hang out with his smiley, positive vibe self again...

...And that is when I ended up on the kind of date I usually force my dates on… one that kills two birds with one stone.

#13 didn’t tell me what the date was going to entail, just that he was going to pick me up from work and that we were going to do something atypical. So, when the day arrived and I got into his car, he explained to me that it was March Madness (that's basketball, right?) and that his beloved Terps had finally made it back to the NCAA tournament.

This meant, obviously, that he wanted to bake a cake to bring to work to celebrate.

In the shape of a turtle.


So, what did our date entail? Well, first it involved us searching the aisles of not one but two grocery stores to buy the ingredients and then him taking me back to his apartment for a very hot baking session (hot as in it was really hot in his kitchen!!).

Doesn’t sound fun?

It was! It was so much fun. So random, unexpected, and his great vibe made it a blast.

However, being Peruvian, the cake he had in mind to make was a Peruvian cake called "Bola de Oro" (golden ball). Why? Because that was the kind of cake he thought he could turn into a turtle.

Um, this is what a typical Bola de Oro cake looks like:

source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/354306695666195588

Looks real easy to make, right?


It was soooo labor intensive. And of course, in typical male fashion, he had neither all of the materials he needed to produce a cake in that format, nor had he realized that he needed to get them while we were at the store(s).

But, also, in typical male fashion, he made due with what he had and he made it work.

What he also hadn't realized was that, in order to make that cake, we had to stir the ingredients on the stove for what seemed like 5 hours. We kept having to take turns because our arms were getting so exhausted! I should mention that this guy was training to be an Ironman and stirring that batter still almost defeated him!

Plus, as I said, it was so hot in his kitchen that I finally couldn't take it anymore and had to take off my shirt and help him stir just wearing my bra.

It wasn’t sexy. I was sweating.

But, I was way too hot and he definitely didn’t mind.

We hadn’t even kissed yet!

During our trip down memory lane conversation, he admitted how shy he had felt and how intimidated he was by me (which is totally adorable but seriously? Come on? How am I intimidating?!).

He told me that as he was trying to get up the nerve to kiss me, he thought to himself, “I have 40 seconds before she thinks I am gay.”

That cracked me up. So cute. Good reminder that even the most confident seeming men can get nervous around us ladies (even when we are hot and sweaty and complaining that our arms hurt and that stirring this batter is taking foreverrrr).

As I stood there sweating and stirring in my bra, he finally did make his move... which really stressed me out because I couldn't stop worrying that the batter was going to get ruined!

In the end, that cake took so darn long to make that I had to go home before it was even done. I left at 11:00 and the next day he texted me and told me he didn’t finish it till 1 AM!!

But, here is the cake!

Great job right? I was impressed! I couldn't believe he pulled that off.

Also, great memory!

Thanks #13 for reaching out and reminding me of this fun moment we shared and for making me laugh again!

As he described his own thoughts on this date, "Like really? Ur second date to actually score was a baking session? REALLY?"

Maybe next time...


Happily for #13, the Terps did win that game. And he definitely won for most original date!

What was your most random date? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. I think that cake looks good. it sounds like a fun and different date. it definitely counts

  2. JenLourie is very intense, very quick, and has mesmerizing blue eye, very intimidating!
    I was at work 2016 two days before Halloween party. Telling what I was wearing and the cute girl says “I want to go to a Halloween party.” Come with me! If you are okay being my second date. She brought a friend. My first date had the time of her life because I was tending to my 2nd and 3rd date. Just one of those random things.

    1. Aw, thanks Rob Driver. I never thought of myself as intimidating! That is funny - one guy and three dates!


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