Six Months

So, October 28th was the six month anniversary of my first real blog post, The Idea. That also happened to be the day that I sent the final draft of my book to the designer to lay out AND bought the ISBN number for my book AND registered Ides of March Press as my imprint name AND the day that I bought

It is a pretty crazy coincidence that all happened on the six month anniversary of my blog. Good thing I am into tracking things, or I might not have even realized it.

I recently saw #68, who has become a friend (and also happens to be Chapter 38). I hadn’t seen him in awhile so when we were hanging out I asked him, “How long has it been since we saw each other?”

In typical male fashion, he told me, “I don’t know. It’s been a while. Like a month?”

I laughed and was like, “No way!! It has been way longer than that!!” So, I looked it up on my calendar (because of course I have it marked down) and the last time we had seen each other had also been six months ago.

After he left, thinking about how much has changed in the last six months, I remembered how I used to feel when he’d leave, before my book, before my blog. After saying goodbye, I’d feel lonely and depressed and would have to try to not spiral into a loneliness depression.

But this time? Six months later? I was BUSY. I had STUFF TO DO. I had to work on photos, I had to work on my blog, I had to work on figuring out how to market my book.

And that was SO MUCH BETTER.

I am now consumed by a project I work so hard on and about which I am so confidently proud.

What a great feeling.

It’s an even greater feeling when I get so many nice messages from my readers telling me things like:

Mission accomplished!

My whole life changed in the last six months. It changed on March 15th, to be exact, thus my imprint name, The Ides of March Press.

We all know that the Ides of March was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated, but it was also "a turning point in Roman history, as one of the events that marked the transition from the historical period known as the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire." (Thanks, Wikipedia)

It was also a turning point for me. It was the day all of this started.

And now it is time for me to get you guys as excited about my book as I am because it is going to be available soon!

So, here is a little sneak preview to pique your interest. I offer to you my Table of Contents.

Please take note that COINCIDENTALLY there happen to be 43 chapters, which also happened to be my age when I wrote the book.

#numbers #theuniverse #everythingisaligned 

Prologue: How to Write a Memoir in 36 Steps
1   Dear Nathan
2   Alone in the Backseat
3   Caroline Ingalls
4   Goonies Next to Michael
5   20/20 Through Puffy Eyes
6   Desperate to Live in an Awesome Location? (Or, How to Run an International Youth Hostel Out of a One Bedroom Apartment)
7   Simultaneous Orgasms
8   Kevin [a.k.a. Ten]
9   What would I change?
10  Loneliness
11  "Send me an ass pic"
12  Constant Rejection
13  Naked Selfies and Not Boyfriends (The Prop Roster)
14  Nate
15  Rolex Alex
16  Best Birthday Present Everrr
17  I learned to ski in Italy.
18  Best Relationship Ever!
19  Future In-Laws/Former In-Laws
20  Santa Fe, Argentina
21  Pionono, Polenta, Pasta and Pizza (The Things You Learn in Santa Fe)
22  Watch Out for Argentine Hot Chocolate
23  I lost my virginity in Spain.
24  Not. On. Purpose.
25  Age Isn't Always Just a Number
26  Moscow Part 1
27  Imaginary Conversations
28  Moscow Part 2
29  Moscow Part 3
30  The Second Kind of First Date
31  Lists
32  Roommate Number Seventeen
33  My Bad Date Story
34  Yep. That happened.
35  I learned to drive a stick shift in France.
36  Vous ĂȘtes trop beau!
37  Moments
38  Eric
39  What You Know When You Are from Maine
40  A Manicure Might Have Saved My Life
41  Long Distance Platonic Life Partners
42  Welcome to Lebanon
43  The End

Update! My book is available now! So exciting!

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  1. Congrats! 'm excited for you because it's...well...exciting! I think I've been reading your posts for 5 of the 6+ months you've been writing--always entertaining and enlightening and look forward to tracking your further adventures. I think if you got the idea for the blog/book from a date you had (especially a bad one) you should have your launch party there. Fingers crossed for you on everything.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion John Kruger! And thank you for crossing your fingers for me!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the book. I am so glad to have found your blog

  3. I will read only a signed copy by the author...

    If she will grant me that honor :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hi redcaboose522! You'll be able to buy it on Amazon. I will alert people on my blog, fb page, and Instagram.

  5. I've never personally launched a book but I make living in Advtg/marketing. Obviously promotion is the key. Is sounds like you're self-publishing which makes it tougher. Work anyone you know that has any contacts with media outlets i.e. booking agents, or friends that work at a media outlet that might know a booking agent. Perhaps find other similarly themed authors and look to cross-promote each other's books. Cold call/write organizers of conferences/groups that can in any way be tied to your subject matter, see if any of the social media platforms can help ID target audiences that match your demographic target based on keywords etc. That type of advertising can be cheap. I'm sure there are probably promotional services or packages out there but while some may provide value I'd generally be a bit wary of them. If you spot some you have questions about and don't have anyone else to hep you evaluate them I'd be happy to lend a fresh set of eyes. Talk to anyone else you know that's self-published - I've got a friend I could steer you to who worked through a niche publisher in the faith space. I'd be happy to connect you if that's of interest. Good luck and keep us posted on how to purchase!

    1. Thank you for all your great advice Cliff Pintak. I am aware of most of it - problem is time!! I need an intern!


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