The Best Gift

Well, my statistics got even better in Buenos Aires. Apparently, I need be on another continent to have dating success. I actually had six dates in five days with the same person. We met on a Friday and spent time together every day until I had to go back to the US.

#98 is one of three men in over two years that I got to date number six with.

Man, what can I tell you about Jonas?

Well, think of every good adjective you could use to describe someone and that is him:

handsome, nice, friendly, kind, generous, warm, thoughtful, authentic, smart, funny, patient, sweet, attentive, considerate, wonderful, affectionate, special

super special

I don't have an exciting story to share about our time together, we just did fun, normal activities like going out to eat, 

sight seeing,

and of course photography missions and photo shoots were included. 

Of cultural interest, I can tell you that our first date was at 11:30 on a Friday night. To the American audience, this may seem like booty call date time but that is actually a normal time in Argentina! We met for a photography mission and then went out to dinner at 1:30 in the morning! After that, we went to a bar. I think I got home at 4 AM!

The exciting part was just finding someone who made my vacation exponentially better by sharing a moment with me without holding back: making a priority to spend as much time with me as possible, enjoying my company at full throttle without putting up walls or boundaries.

It was so nice.

He made me feel valued and appreciated every second.

People who live in Buenos Aires are called Porteños so I called him my Porteño Boyfriend and he called me his American Girlfriend and that is how it was. He really was my boyfriend during our short time together: everyday I knew I was going to get to hang out with him and I texted him as much as I wanted and took pictures of us together without worrying if I was coming on too strong because he clearly was into it too. 

I secretly teared up at times when we hung out, enjoying his nonstop kisses and hugs, wondering why I can never find that at home. It made me sad. But, I focused on the moment and consciously relished every kiss and hug he gave me.

What better gift can you give someone than your time and attention? Your positive vibes? 

Jonas gave me the gift of happy memories, unblemished by distraction or inconsideration. 

Just perfect, happy memories.

There is no better gift.

Thank you Jonas. I will never ever forget you.

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  1. I "read" Jonas's IG page and he looks like an impressive dude. Six pack abs muscles a Ducati car, apparently a child. I do not think you are going to get him away from his life. You could always "Leap". I think you are just having it be a good happy memory. Both of those blogs made me smile and happy but sad that I can not make a connection like that even if temporary.

    1. Hi Rob Driver. I think you are confusing my two Argentine stories and their IG's. But yeah, grateful for the happy memories with both. Neither invited me to leap though. I am sorry that you are having a hard time finding the connection. But hey, I had to go to another continent to do it, maybe you do too!

  2. I'm glad you had such a great time. My own theory is that when one is on vacation, there's an attitude shift that opens one to new things, possibilities, and people. Perhaps your experience is a result of that. That shift also creates a feedback loop--your openness affects the other person (usually in a positive way) and gets reflected. What do you think? And if it's legit, is it possible yo maintain that shift even when you're back?

    1. Hi John Kruger. I think you are right but in my case, I am always open to experiencing the moment in full. However, I think the fact that I was leaving, made me more tempting to take advantage of and hang out with without fear of commitment and allowed my gentleman friends to fully enjoy my company without the normal fear and hysteria men have.

  3. Thank you John Masi! Yep! I may not have The Relationship but I do have some nice moments!


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