This was so cute.

So, after reading Best Tinder Date, one of my Bumble matches asked me out for a Saturday night, promising not to stand me up. I accepted his invitation and when he asked what I wanted to do, I suggested we could just figure it out closer to the date. After a bit more messaging I excused myself from the conversation and then I didn’t respond to him again till a few days later. 

I knew he had written me again but I was too busy to read it, so when I finally did, I saw that he had sent me a GIF that said “I’m excited!!” Heck yeah to being self confident enough to let your date know you are excited to meet them! I felt bad I hadn't responded more quickly, apologized for my delay and said I was looking forward to meeting him as well. Since it was closer to the day of the date, I asked him what our plan was.


I’ll just post the screenshots for what happened next (AG=App Guy) (as always, please excuse my typos):

So, I asked him what he asked on Reddit... 

He bravely emailed me his draft for Reddit and at first I had a chuckle at how long the thing was, but then as I read it I basically shrieked OMG OMG OMG  the whole time because it was so darn adorable.


My family is French. My dad is a classically trained French chef. One of his old associates from when he had a restaurant now has a restaurant where my sister had her wedding reception a few years ago and it was absolutely amazing but I actually didn't really get a chance to enjoy it as much as I should have. I've been dying to go back ever since.

I matched with an amazing woman on a dating app which in and of itself is a small miracle, and she lives really close to this restaurant. Actually, it's the only thing I know of near where she lives.

I wanted to pick a place that's close to her so that it would be easy for her to get to. I know more about this woman than average because she has a blog. And it's actually really interesting. So I read it, and because I read it, I know that she's between jobs right now. Because of that, I knew that if I wanted to take her out I wanted to be able to treat her too, and I didn't want to make her go across town for a date. Being that this restaurant is the only thing I know that's near her, I asked my dad about it, and how much I could expect to spend on a dinner for two there. He told me with wine what the price would be and I was disappointed because I knew it was out of my price range. Though, I remembered later from her blog that she doesn't drink. Still pricey though.

I should mention at this point that I'm 35 years old and it's probably weird that I asked my dad, but I work with him in his shop and it was on my mind. I turned around, there he was and I asked him.

"That's cool," I thought, "I'll figure out something else." It's worth mentioning that I had asked her if she could pick out a place that she knew of or any new places that she wanted to try for us to meet up. She responded, "Um, let's figure it out closer to the time."

Cue mental crisis.

Does that mean my ass better have an idea or you can forget about this date? Does that mean give me time to come up with an excuse to blow you off? (This actually really wasn't a concern because of her blog. I'm ninety-nine percent certain she's a wonderful person, and very straightforward.) Maybe she really would come up with something. But either way, like Hitch said, "Maybe a guy likes to have a plan."

Today I come into work and a few hours in, my dad slips me a few bills and says, "Here, go on your date, she'll love it."

I almost cried. My parents really love me you know? Okay, end emotion.

So, here is my question:

This is a first date. Should I really take her to this place? For one, I don't want to set a precedent so how do I explain that I can never take her back there? Should I come clean? I'm f*cking 35 years old and my dad gave me money for a date. That's probably not a good look to sport on a first date, right? But also something tells me she would appreciate the honesty too. I don't know what to do Reddit, I'm fully freaking out. There's no way I can just act like this is no big deal and I can afford this sh*t. But I don't think I can live with the guilt of having this money in my pocket and not taking her here.

Thanks for reading about my piddly ass problems, I love you all.

Don't you love how vulnerable he is? How he was brave enough to share that with me? How considerate he is? The insight it gives you into the male mentality, like me saying we could pick a place later caused him to have a "mental crisis?"  How adorable is that??! How generous his dad was? How much he appreciated that generosity? I cried when I read that! And I cried when I read it again as I prepared this post! How much he was concerned about being genuine and managing my expectations? How he also knew I would appreciate his honesty? And how he didn't want to take advantage of his dad's generosity and not go through with it?


So adorable!!!!!!


I just died when I read that. It was just so cute.

Luckily for him, I don't drink, I am used to living frugally and I am a cheap date. I also do appreciate honesty and not living above one's means.

Also, I planned to not order anything expensive.

What a lovely gesture to share this with me. He really gave me a gift before he even met me in real life - and this gift was free and probably better than any fancy dinner.

I hope you liked it too.

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  1. that is a great story, I am glad you had a good time

  2. I predict that having a blog will become the future pre-requisite for the dating world. Such a good way to actually know more about someone's internal thoughts without even having to do the leg work ha ha!


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