Ode to My Adulthood

Sometimes being an adult is just the worst
And I often wonder if I might have been cursed.
The dating world is just no fun,
It's been two years and I still haven't found "the one."
And if that elusive spark I ever do feel,
The guy never seems to want something real.
I try not to worry about how my mortgage will get paid,
Now that off I am about to be laid.
Air mattresses in my living room,
Craigslist strangers helping me fight financial doom.
I try not to let it all get me down
If I only focus on the negative, all I'll ever do is frown.
I prefer not to think about how things are
And by the way, have you seen my car?
It's a Jeep Cherokee... from 1994
And there is no window in the back passenger door.
*S  I  G  H* 
Best to focus on the positive, or all I'd ever do is cry.
Instead I think about how I am blessed -
Like how my parents are truly the best
And that when I go visit them it's in Maine by the beach,
While for so many others that is so far out of reach.
When I think about my friends all around the world
It just makes me feel like the luckiest girl.
Sure, things have not turned out as I hoped or expected
And definitely my resilience has surely been tested.
But everyday when I look in the mirror, I like the person that I see,
Not just my outsides but the inside, what makes me me.
I get good vibes from being grateful and gracious,
And also, not gonna lie - have you seen my 43 year old bod? It's pretty bodacious.

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  1. Inside and out, you're bodacious
    Through the blog, you've been audacious
    These rhyming couplets become contagious.
    To which the Poets say,

    So, keep on with your odes,
    If they ease you down the road
    And put you in a happy mode.
    Now start kissing princes, and stop kissing

    1. OMG!!! That is so good!!! I LOVE IT!!!

    2. You didn't just make my day, I think you made my month!

    3. Aw, shucks! Glad you like.

  2. I'm really sorry that doesnt scan better


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