Desperation Epilogue

So Ten and I are friends now.

How weird is that? Weirdest beginning to a friendship ever. Know someone a year, be intimate for a year, have them be super rude to you, then boom... all of a sudden, friends.

We were never friends before. He isn't even my Facebook friend.

Our messaging conversations before were:

Me: Are you free Wednesday?
Ten: Yes!
Me: Awesome. See you then.

That's pretty much it.

But since this all happened? Our messaging has been practically non-stop. I doubt that will keep up, but we messaged each other more in the last few days than we messaged each other in an entire year.

Like I explained in Karma, we were friendly when we were together, enjoying each other's company between intimate moments. However, there was always a clear boundary that we were never going to be in more than a Not Relationship.

That was probably the main reason what happened wasn't devastating. If I had any kind of emotional investment, of course I would have been devastated. But I didn't, so I wasn't.

Now things have changed; now we are definitely in a relationship: we have a friendship.

I think that means we can't be intimate anymore. Maybe just one more time? An official last time?

But then, that's that.

Things didn't work out between Ten and CBG but Ten was happy for me that at least I got to keep her. I thought that was generous since he had really liked her. I expected him to be saddened/hurt/jealous to find out in my blog that she and I had hung out. Maybe he was, but he didn't tell me that. He just messaged me to tell me he was happy for me.

That's the kind of thing a friend does.

So in the end, I got two new friends out of this, CBG and Ten. And he is really nice to me.

In his own words:

Over the past few days I've really valued your friendship, guidance, and wisdom/outlook on the situation and [am] glad we are friends.

Oh, and he loves the blog.

Update: check out my Instagram for the cherry on top ending to this story. It blew my mind.

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  1. "Things didn't work out between Ten and CBG but Ten was happy for me that at least I got to keep her." Congrats!!


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