My first podcast, literally!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to talk about my book on my new friend Bela's podcast Unpacking with BelaKharma. Um, that was super exciting!

Okay, so here is something about me: I have never listened to a podcast.

Well, until now. I listened to mine. I mean, obviously.

People keep telling me I should listen to this podcast or that podcast but the thing is, I am an Android user and I just can't get around the word "pod." Like, how can I listen to something with the word pod in it if I don't have an iPod? Or an i anything? And I have to download something? No, that is all just too complicated. I can't get over it.

People have tried to explain the process to me but it is kind of like the size of the universe - something my brain just really can't comprehend.

I get hung up on words sometimes. One of the reasons I am so direct probably stems somewhat from the fact that I am also so literal.

Here is something else about me: When I first moved to DC and got my first real job and went to my first happy hour with my co-workers, I was shocked to find out that happy hour lasted MORE THAN ONE HOUR!?!


Obviously I could never go again! Because why would they call it that? Why?!

Like, are you getting what I am saying? I couldn't go to happy hours for YEARS because they lasted more than one hour and I couldn't handle the misnomer.

I did finally get over it, but it required a lot of mental gymnastics. It was exhausting.

So yeah, the only podcast I've listened to is my own. Maybe I'll get over that too someday - I see you can listen to podcasts on Pandora now.

You can watch the (super professional)* video of my interview that I streamed on Instagram Live.


I finally figured out how to upload it to YouTube. This is my first YouTube video, btw.

See, I am making progress.

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  1. Enjoyed your upclose interview video. Helps put life in perspective.


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