You know how they say arguing on social media is a waste of time? And people never change? And people won't listen? And all that negative blah blah blah blah?

Well... maybe those people just aren't doing it right....

So, Ed, my politically like-minded friend back in Maine, often posts things that get people rudely jumping down his throat. Sometimes when I see this happening, I message him and ask, "WHY ARE YOU STILL FRIENDS WITH THESE PEOPLE??"

He must have more patience than I do because it keeps on happening...

Recently, when one of Ed's friends called a female senator a b*tch (except he spelled out that word), I  couldn't just DM Ed about it.

I have to say that my last comment above was not my most polite. I should have said, "I just really don't like when people are rude and disrespectful and use crude language." But, oh well. This guy (who I didn't know) had really rubbed me the wrong way (I can't be perfectly patient all the time, people!).

Of course he attacked back:

Well, thank you Sir for giving me the opportunity to correct you and promote my blog! 

Let me tell you, it is so nice when you have a collection of work at your fingertips that speaks for you (that's one of my favorite posts by the way).

I knew I'd get an apology if he read that post! But, I wasn't going to let him off the hook quite that fast though...

My favorite thing to do in these Facebook arguments (not that I get into them that often) is to remind people that we are FELLOW AMERICANS. Hello! Why are we being mean to each other?!

And then he really satisfied me (um, this the most satisfaction I've gotten from a man in a while):

But he didn't stop:

Um, yeah it was. But gosh I love people who are open-minded and self-reflective and can admit when they are wrong. God, I LOVE THAT.

But that still wasn't the end. He started to message me privately:

So, yeah, what started out as an uncivilized political argument on Facebook ended as a lovefest between two strangers. 

Then, a few days later: 

You know, sometimes people just want to be heard.  Treat them with kindness and see what happens.

Positive vibes all around.

That's what I call #winning. Or, alternatively, #justdontbeadink

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