Snark and Spice and Everything Nice (Screenshots!)

I have some new additions to my collection. Some made me roll my eyes, some made me laugh, some gave me the opportunity to be helpful, and one impressed me. Please enjoy (while excusing the typos).

What I don't get is why the concept of date/time/location is so hard for some App Guys (AG) to grasp... No thanks on this offer.
Is it REALLY that hard of a concept?

I guess it is:
It's exhausting sometimes. But sometimes I can't help myself.
I really, really try to be patient. But come onnnnnnn.
This guy must have missed my "I'm not desperate anymore" post as this was his plan for the first time we'd meet. 
Talk about a low ball offer.
I can't stand it when App Guys call me Queen and Princess. I have bigger goals.
I usually ignore lazy openers but I couldn't resist.
Who's this guy to judge? What is "normal" anyway?
I get asked a lot of dating questions; sometimes the answers are quite simple. [I've posted this one before but I think it is important enough to repeat.]

This guy told me he had been banned from Tinder for writing crude limericks, so of course I had to ask for an example.
I bet he wasn't expecting this response:
In summary:

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  1. I just don't understand these AG's. Today/now/your bed. Really... really. I'm not a prude but how bout dinner, dessert, nice walk and pleasant banter it's called seduction. Apparently, it's a lost art. These guys are total turn offs. Ugh.

  2. Omg what a nut. Maybe he can figure out why he can't get a date this was good humor today.

  3. I read this and tried to post it but it didnt post!

    1. Ok now it did, before it asked me for my blogger name and then it didnt post it after I wrote my name, but now it wrote my name. I have had some odd messages from app guys, but not sexual. I dont like when they have spelling errors like "your" instead of "you're", or not putting a question mark at the end of a sentence, like a few of the guys in this post above.

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