Three Great Dates

Recently I wrote about how it totally rubbed me the wrong way when a Third Type suggested that we "chill and watch a movie"* after only two (short) dates.

*Oh man, I just realized that if I had been more clever I would have asked him which theater we should meet at. Oh well.

Well, I may or may not have made a similar proposal of my own recently... Does that make me a hypocrite? You decide.

A few weeks ago on a visit to Maine, I finally met Scott after matching with him almost a year ago. It took me so long to meet him because my time at home is always limited and therefore, it stresses me out to try to coordinate plans (plus leaving my parents makes me feel guilty).

However, because my parents moved to the golf course where Scott plays, when he reached out before my last trip to ask when I'd be home again, I knew that coordinating should be easy. I told him I was going to be arriving Friday and, conveniently, he was planning on being at the course that day. So, we left it that we'd touch base that evening. I could handle that.

My parents picked me up from the airport and we went out to dinner at this really cool restaurant.

 As we were heading home, I got a message from Scott asking me what I was up to.

"We are on our way home. Do you want to meet us at Bayley's in fifteen minutes for ice cream?"

Now, if this had happened in DC, the answer would have been, "I'd rather meet you by yourself first and do something just the two of us."

If, however, miraculously, the guy was laid back enough to meet my parents on a first date, he would have then had to say, "I can't be there in fifteen but give me an hour and a half and I'll get there."


Scott's response? "See you in fifteen."

God, I love spontaneity.

And, I LOVE Maine.

So? First date with Scott? Me, my parents and some ice cream while I kicked myself for not meeting Scott sooner because I basically turned into the heart eyes emoji the second I saw him in real life.

Scott was so friendly and I just loved that. My parents got sent home.

Scott treated me to my triple chocolate truffle and then we sat in his car while I stressed over not knowing which I should focus on more - my delicious ice cream or his gorgeous face. I don't even know what we talked about. I was too busy.

I felt bad about ditching my parents so I had Scott bring me home once we were done our ice creams. But, we planned on seeing each other again the next day.

The following evening, Scott picked me up. It was SO fun to be in the passenger seat, driving around beautiful Maine, listening to good music, and have the destination be a BEACH.

The fact that it was pouring rain? Eh, who cares.

When we got to Biddeford Pool, we climbed up on the boulders that separate the beach from the street and watched the waves from underneath our umbrellas.

Then it was time for... going out for ice cream again. My treat this time.

It was too rainy to do anything outside but also too early for the evening to end so... I went for it. I  invited Scott to come home with me to watch a movie...

... with my parents.

So, am I a hypocrite?


Of course Scott was in because he is COOL and so we went home and my parents sat on their chairs while Scott and I sat on the couch as close as possible without being too obvious (I'm sure we were) and sneakily (probably totally obviously) held hands.

As far as second dates go, I'd say that was one of my best.

I even made it to a third date with Scott!!

For this one he stopped by before I had to head to the airport. We hung out with my dad and then my dad and Scott hit some balls on the golf course.

I LOVED that.

By the way, this is why I turned into a heart eyes emoji every second I was near him:

And that was that. Three short, high quality, family dates!

And then I was off to the airport, of course stopping for one last ice cream on the way.

What, do you not include your parents on all your dates?

I highly recommend it.

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  1. I am so glad you had fun on your trip. and that ice cream looks delicious

    1. Sorry, Anonymous, I just saw this now! That ice cream sure was delicious. When I am in Maine I try to go there every day!!


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