Here is my latest collection for you. No common theme here, just a random mix for your entertainment (please ignore typos).

[AG=App Guy]

Was this a question? A statement? An invitation?

TMI? Probably.
I just usually end up talking to people about whatever happens to be on my mind at the exact moment they message me.

This guy was super friendly and clever and polite. *
Tinder has a new functionality - a newsfeed that shows when someone posts a new photo and people can comment on those photos in direct messages.

*I mean, seriously. How is one supposed to respond to "Hey?"

Why do people post in their profiles that they like to have fun?? Who doesn't??
I was impressed by this guy's response to my snarky opener.

Yeah, I am not a fan of Starbucks.
I cant't remember the punchline to the joke this guy was trying to make. Doubt he expected my response.

Oh lordy, not a chance.

Sugar and spice.

Not a bad opener. I'm a sucker for a clever compliment.

This one was a no-brainer. 
I asked people recently what questions they had that I could write about. 

Strange opener. 
Strange way to phrase the question too.  Like does the quality redeem me as a person? Or redeem all my other qualities? IDK.

I mean, straightforward question, straightforward answer.

And finally, attention to detail is a must. 
This guy saw me on Tinder but messaged me on Instagram:

Hope you enjoyed! Any entertaining interactions of your own? Tell me about them in the comments!

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  1. that was quite an eclectic mix, but I can totally see why the belly button made the list.

  2. I'm the guy who doesn't mind awkwardly asking someone where their recycling bin is when I suspect they probably don't have one, so I really enjoyed the dig at Starbucks.

    My boss - an otherwise great fellow - goes to Starbucks every afternoon and gets a tea and since their tea is basically molten lava with a touch of mint, he gets it double-cupped WITH a sleeve. I weep a little. -Michael

    1. fsharp7, your comment makes me so happy. I love that you identified with that comment! I know what you should give your boss for a gift! Maybe a set of 5 so washing them at the office doesn't become an excuse for not using?

  3. Yes that was entertaining. I don't understand these guys, period.


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