The Gentleman from Philadelphia

Recently, when I was in Florida visiting my parents my dad said, "Jennifer, some people collect stamps. Some collect coins. You collect friends!"

It's true. And, now I have a new one to add to my collection. Well, two, actually.

Eduardo contacted me months ago on Instagram and told me that he had read my blog which, of course, made it easy for him to engage me in conversation. He kept reporting back to me with thoughtful commentary and flattering compliments like, "Jen, your stories are HBO material" as he read different posts.

Since Eduardo lives in Philadelphia, I had no expectation that we were ever going to meet in real life. However, a few weeks ago he told me that he was going to be in DC and asked if I would like to meet him at noon on March 17th at Le Diplomate for brunch.

How could I say no to such a specific invitation?

I love when people actually ask me to do something. Not like, "We should do something sometime."

Um, yeah, "sometime" = never. If you don't put a date on it, it's not going to happen.

And in the dating world?

Here is some advice for my dear gentleman readers: give us ladies a date, time and location and I am pretty sure you will increase your chances. You also will give the impression of being proactive, organized, and thoughtful.

Of course, the same advice goes to ladies who do the inviting.

Here is a screenshot of a recent conversation I had with a well-intentioned gentleman:

Poor guy.  He had a good attitude though and he finally did give me a proper invitation which after all that, I couldn't not accept. So, unless he is scared off by this blog post, we'll see.

But, back to Eduardo.

Given how pleasant his conversation had been over the last few months, I was looking forward to meeting him and, since he doesn't even live in DC, the pressure was off, so we could just meet as two humans with the purpose of just sharing a nice moment.

And when he showed up with this? Well, OBVIOUSLY I knew I was going to have a good time.

Over a lovely meal I enjoyed talking to him about my blog, book, politics, his life and life in general.

We shared a dessert which was so good he insisted we order a second one to share again! That was my kind of meal companion!

After lunch, I didn't want to say goodbye to Eduardo! I felt like I had just met a kindred spirit!

Before parting ways, Eduardo asked me if I would like to join him and a friend of his from Spain on a little road trip to Annapolis the next day. Although I had planned to work on formatting my book for Kindle, I decided to procrastinate (because, duh) and followed my own advice of saying YES to things. Also, I love spontaneity!

And then I got to add another friend to my collection!

Eduardo picked me up the next day with a family friend of his from Spain, Ari.

I pretty much fell in platonic love with her at first sight. She was SO PRETTY.

When we arrived in Annapolis, we went straight to the restaurant Eduardo had already selected for us ahead of time.

If that had been my parents and me, we would have walked around for two hours trying to figure out where to eat as if our lives depended on making the right decision. I loved the planning ahead and taking charge!

I liked how Eduardo took charge of not just making the plan for the day and selecting the restaurant but also ordering our appetizers. It was just so nice to have a man take charge (or someone take charge who was not me).

We shared another lovely meal with non-stop conversation.

This cake was as good as it looks.

After lunch, we walked around and I got to take some great headshots of my two attractive companions.

I am obsessed with her face.

He looks like a model!

By the time we took this picture below, as we headed back to the car, I said to them, "It feels like I have never not known you." They both agreed. It was so nice to share such a spontaneous and enjoyable day with two such delightful people. 

I just love how social media platforms can connect strangers and if you are open and friendly, strangers can become friends and you can spend a day enjoying the company of two Spaniards in Annapolis, Maryland who you feel like you never didn't know.

But remember, social media can only connect you. You need a date, a time, and a location in order for these special moments to actually happen.

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  1. Eduardo is a Fraternity brother of mine (Delta Tau Delta- Ohio Wesleyan University). A totally good Dude! Gentleman to the core. Smart, funny and light-hearted... yet thoughtful, introspective and sincere. After being with him for a day or even a hour one can honestly say they are the better for it. DC? I lived on Lincoln Park in the 90's and ate the best Crab Cakes at Eastern Market. I was a regular at the Hawk and Dove. The Tune Inn for Burgers. The HILL was so much better than Georgetown or any other part of DC at that time. Thai Roma was a restaurant on the HILL where we'd eat Duck Pizza...crazy! I RICCI was great Italian joint. Not on Capitol Hill, but great.

    1. You summarized him better than I could baketeach! Thanks for your trip down restaurant memory lane! :)

  2. This is a great story! Best thing about it is that you met the guy we have all known for years. In the end people make our lives rich and fulfilling not things and to a degree not even career achievements. People connect us and give us a sense of our place in the universe. Cheers!

    1. Hi Edwin! I am so glad you liked the story! I am lucky to have met the guy you have known for years!

  3. Love the new friend story and agree 100% about the timewasters who "register their interest" without making a specific plan. Newsflash: the plan will never be made.

    1. Hi chandadavetas. I am so glad you liked the story and love the terms "timewasters" and "register their interest!" Your Newsflash is ON POINT!

  4. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. I'd have to admit I'm one of those dudes who says "we should do something sometime!" The goal was to signal I'm interested if I liked someone without pressure. If I get a good response and feel a positive vibe then I ask her out with specifics. I've never looked at it from your point of view. Very interesting.

    1. Hi Kdog! I am so glad you liked the story! Thanks for your comment. Yeah, I mean, it isn't that it is bad for a guy to ask in general if someone would be up for meeting but I think, isn't that the point of swiping in the first place? To meet people? So, yeah, I recommend going for it and cutting to the chase. :)

    2. I wish more women were as cool as you! Cheers.


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