Alone in the Backseat Photos: Chapters 30-40

Warning: These photos are to enhance the stories in my book, they don't make much sense out of context.

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Chapter 30 The Second Kind of First Date

Page 145: "I got seven pints at the first Giant and then three more at the second. When I got home, I put the ten pints in my freezer which did nothing whatsoever to alleviate my anxiety or console me as I mourned the impending loss of that heavenly chocolate perfection."

Chapter 35 I learned to drive a stick shift in France.

Nicole and Manuel, my French host parents

Page 169: The family lived in a beautiful house full of antique furniture and paintings of trompe l'oeils."

Page 170: "The light pink stucco house with terra cotta roof encircled the swimming pool, every room looking out onto it."

Page 170: "You could watch the clouds roll by all day. Or, on cloudless days, you could observe the clear blue change color as the day progressed from morning to afternoon to evening."

Page 170: "You could never be bored in that house because of that view. The view of the patio, the pool, the sky, palm trees, olive groves, and the town below"

Page: 174: "I rode in bike shorts and a bikini top, and when I'd get hot, I'd just stop and take a swim in the Mediterranean."

Page 174: "I took my time, riding through Juan Les Pins, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Menton, stopping at different beaches, taking lots of photos."

Chapter 39 What You Know When You Are from Maine

Page 187: "[My] dad [taught me] how to ice skate on the pond down the street. When [I would] fall down he [would say], 'Why are you sitting?'"

Page 188: "[My] backyard [was] big and the grass [had] never been cut, so dandelions and wildflowers [grew] there."

Page 192: "Though Joanna [lived] in a different town than [me] and [went] to a different school, [we] have known each other since [we] were three years old."

Page 191: "[I went] for ice cream where the portions [were] large and generous and the prices [were] low and [I stressed] over what flavor to choose. [That was] the most stressful things in [my] life."

Page 193: "In Lewiston [my] grandparents [lived] in the same house in which [my] grandmother grew up. It [was] a three story, three family home."

Chapter 40 A Manicure Might Have Saved My Life

Page 197: "Thank you James for marrying Nicole and inviting me to LA and thank you to Nicole for taking me to get manicures and taking me to Equinox and saving me from loneliness. You just never know what can happen, whose orbit you will cross, who will change your life or save it."

Page 197: "I am so grateful that I found Cat who I... needed to be best friends with from the moment I met her."

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