Alone in the Backseat Photos: Chapters 28-29

Here you go - part 3 of four - photos to accompany my book! It only took me like 30+ hours to pull these all together, so I hope they help you visualize my story!

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Chapter 28 Moscow Part 2

Page 132: "...the Moscow metro... is beautiful. One of the stations is so beautiful that tears literally formed in my eyes and escaped down my face the first time I saw it."

Page 132: "Moscow's metro is not even one of the most beautiful metros in the world, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world."

Page 132: "You can be dazzled by the fact that every station has a different lighting concept from chandeliers to lamps in poles to lights in ceiling coffers."

Page 132: "I always tell people, you could go to Russia and ONLY ride the metro and you would have an amazing vacation. Each station is unique and features a different kind of art: sculpture, mosaics, stained glass, friezes, statues made of marble or bronze, and bas-reliefs.

Bronze Statues

Stained glass



Page 133: "These portrayals of equal participation in society by the sexes was very surprising to see, since I am used to history, industry, and sports being so male dominated. It made Russia seem so modern, so civilized."

Page 133: "Even the ventilation grates in the Moscow metro are beautifully adorned."

Page 133: "You can see all the Soviet pride. Their hammer and sickle and five pointed star are everywhere."

Page 134: "And then one day, seemingly all of a sudden, there I was, standing in Red Square."

Page 135: The Hermitage

Page 135: Summer Palace

Page 135: "Mostly, I loved meeting Alexei's friend Annya who lives in St. Petersburg and was our gracious and glamorous tour guide. She took us all around the city and did so wearing a dress with fishnets and heels."

Chapter 29 Moscow Part 3 (Hedonism with Friends)

Page 138: 'We spent our days sightseeing and our evenings trying new and chic restaurants, calling our activities Hedonism with Friends."

Page 139: "Duck carpaccio with turnip and sea buckthorn"

Page 139: "Quail, northern deer, and Siberian stag pat├ęs"

Page 139: "And the best of all, a meal I ate twice in one day for both lunch and dinner: duck with cherry sauce and cherry risotto accompanied by foie gras raviolis and apricot stuffed pear."

Page 141: "But, I got my box and now I have a place to put my drugs, the juxtaposition of these two events decorating my nightstand, literally tied up with a bow."

Page 143: "The bride and groom's first dance entailed them spinning in the air together, timed perfectly to Seal's Kissed by a Rose."

Page 143: "On my way to the airport, watching the sunrise over the Russian landscape, heading back to my life in DC, to an apartment that I was still sharing with roommates eight years after my husband left and to navigating the misery of the dating app world, I once again found myself alone in the backseat."

Stay tuned, one more installment to come! Let me know if you are enjoying my book!

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