Alone in the Backseat Photos: Chapters 20-23

I hope you are enjoying my book! These photos are to illustrate the story. As a stand alone blog post... well, they don't make much sense without the context. Recommend reading first!

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Chapter 20 Santa Fe, Argentina

Page 95: "Santa Fe, Argentina is where I acquired the two younger sisters I had always wanted but never had..." [Laura and Lucia with me in Maine]

Page 95: "Santa Fe is not a place I would call pretty, though it does have some pretty vegetation."

Page 96: "In most parts of the city there are just blocks and blocks of houses, all attached to each other. No side yards, no front yards, just houses right on the sidewalks with no space between neighbors."

Page 96: 'Sprinkled here and there are a few that are very old and rundown, adorned with beautiful beaux-arts details, relics of when Argentina was a very rich country.

Chapter 21 Pionono, Polenta, Pasta and Pizza (or, Things You Learn in Santa Fe)

Page 100: "You learn that asados are far superior to typical American backyard barbecues of hamburgers and hot dogs, that all the different meats from ribs to chinchulines (stuffed small intestines) to molleja (glands), to chorizo (sausage) and morcilla (blood sausage) are delicious... "

Chapter 22 Watch Out for Argentine Hot Chocolate

Page 105: Argentine Pampas

Page 107: Yely, Laura, Lucia and me in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Page 107: "This Santafesina family and I have memories together from Santa Fe, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Brazil, Maine and Washington, DC. I may not have gotten to keep my Argentine husband but this family and these sisters are for life."

Chapter 23 I lost my virginity in Spain.

Page 109: "Quique and Carlos became Quique and Jennifer and Carlos and Emily."

Page 110: "I am happy I grew up before society lost its innocence, when just the act of brushing our teeth together was, like, the most fun part of the whole night. I don't know why we laughed so hard or enjoyed that moment so much. Sometimes I guess it is just the simple things - the intimate yet simple act of brushing your teeth for the first time with your best friends."

Page 111: "We were at his grandmother's house for a week in the countryside of Daimiel, a village in the province of Ciudad Real. The one hundred year old house, nicknamed El Recreo was surrounded by cornfields, no other homes in sight."

Page 111: "One day, Quique took me hunting."

Page 111: "Another day, Quique took me on the back of his motorcycle to visit his other grandmother's house not far away in another town called Villarrubia de los Ojos."

Page 112: "When you stepped though the giant, paneled doors, you entered an interior courtyard, around which the house was built. The courtyard had a fountain in the middle and a mosaic floor."

Page 112: Quique came from a family of hunters and this house was full of game trophies from Spain and Angola."

Page 112: "An eighteen year old American girl, being shown the sites of Spain by a lovely Spanish family. How lucky was I?"

Page 113: "I loved Quique's parents and...their apartment...with two couches facing each other. I have wanted two couches facing each other ever since."

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