Alone in the Backseat Photos: Chapters 1-18

Hi! Now that my book is for sale, I thought it would be nice to provide my dear readers with some photos from my stories. I recommend using this to accompany the book and not as a stand alone blog because without context... eh, the photos aren't that great.

So... read the book and THEN look at the photos. :)

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Prologue: How to Write a Memoir in 36 Steps

Page 11: "As a child sit on the couch with a pile of photo albums while listening to records on giant headphones. Look at pictures of yourself when you were a baby and a toddler and make the executive decision to never forget anything."

Page 12: Write a lot of letters... Spend hours and hours and hours on correspondence."

Chapter 4 Goonies Next to Michael

Page 27: "I got to take an evening walk on the beach with Michael, holding his hand, finally, for the first time, take selfies with the light perfectly capturing the brightness in our blue eyes, his turquoise, mine the color of the ocean."

Chapter 6 Desperate to live in an awesome location? (or, How to Run an International Youth Hostel Out of a One Bedroom Apartment)

Page 35: "Tomas, Estelle, and I became like three peas in a pod... we couldn't believe how lucky we were that our paths had crossed. We called ourselves the Dream Team."

Page 36: "...when every bed in the apartment was full and the couch was accounted for as well, Alexei, my roommate from Russia, had his Belarusian friend come to visit. We decided to turn the dining room table into a fort, covering it with blankets and setting up a sleeping bag underneath, complete with a lamp inside... When Yury arrived that night and saw his accommodations, he loved it. He was actually the only one in the apartment who had any privacy!"

Page 38 "All Kanru did was go to school and then come home and study. He studied all night long. He barely slept. He was completely exhausted. He would come home from school and just flop onto his bed, passing out for a short nap until getting back up to study..."

Chapter 13 Naked Selfies and Not Boyfriends (The Prop Roster)

Page 69: "In the beginning, hearing how hot I was and how sexy I was and how amazing my body was served as an exciting supplement for what I did not have, someone to prevent me from feeling like I was always alone in the backseat."

Chapter 17 I learned to ski in Italy.

Page 81: "I had no idea until I actually got there... that I would be living in an apartment in a palazzo right on the Grand Canal near the Rialto Bridge."

Page 82: "Four girls. Marta was five, Anna Chiara was three, Bianca and Claudia were two year old twins."

Anna Chiara and Claudia on the vaporetto going to school.

Page 82: "Taking four little girls all dressed in matching school."

Page 85: "I was thrilled to be learning a new skill, was thrilled to have lunch... at one of the mountaintop restaurants where you could only eat if you were able to ski there..."

Page 86: "I have learned to love the mountains and have taken amazing ski vacations in France and in Italy, witnessing some of the most beautiful views in the world, which I never would have seen if not for saying yes to Caterina." [featured here: Val d'Isere, France]

Socrepes, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Page 86: "I got to have a little glimpse into what it feels like to love four little girls with all my heart..."

Chapter 18 Best Relationship Ever

Page 87: "A few years ago I visited Marta in Cortina...Though grown up, Marta was still the same sweet, kind, considerate, patient soul I had met when she was five. I just adore her."

That's it for now... Hope you are enjoying my stories. Would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more photos coming soon!

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  1. OMG Page 36 - I REMEMBER THIS. I think my sister was there at the same time too? There were like 4 of us in the bedroom and the boys in the living room? Gah. I can't wait to read the book.

    1. Haha - it was pretty memorable! Such a fun time - remember how hard we laughed?

  2. you have the same smile


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