The Game

I suck at the “game.”

People tell me, “You have to play the game.”

Sorry, I just can’t. I wear my heart on my sleeve. And I am not afraid to express my emotions. If I like you, I am going to tell you. And I am probably going to tell you repeatedly.

People say, “You have to not show that you are interested.”

Ugh. Just no.

Why should I have to pretend something when what I pride myself most on is being expressive, authentic, straightforward and confident about it?

I tell people and I tell myself, “The right person is going to love me precisely for those qualities.”

I just want to be my warm, direct, affectionate self. Period. If I have to win someone by playing a game, they just aren’t the right person for me.

We shouldn’t have to pretend to be something we are not in order to get people to love us, right?

My mantra is, if you feel it, do it. What I mean by that is no "Should I text? Should I call? Should I say what I feel?" Don't question yourself, just DO IT. That is what I do.

Obviously my success rate is low, but I am okay with that.

And yeah, if you could kindly not play games with me either, I'd appreciate it.

So yeah, just no to games.

(Except this one that my friend just launched! Check out his game if you want to play games.)


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  1. I enjoy your blogs because you do say what you think and speak your mind. It is a wonderful quality of yours.

  2. Great writing as usual. Glad to have you back in 2018. Looking forward to the book

    1. Thanks! So glad to hear that. I was a bit nervous about this one.

  3. Now we all know when you don’t say you like us, you have no interest? The writer Neil Strauss has a book called “The Game” I saw the title and said to myself “Jen Lourie read ‘the game’”. What does Jen Lourie consider success that her rate is obviously low?

    1. Idk why my success rate is low. I guess the people I like just don't like me, maybe they need someone who does play the game.


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