Let's talk about sex

[Mom and Dad, please go ahead and skip this blog post. Thanks.]

I want to talk to you guys about sex and clear up some misconceptions that my dear male counterparts have.

Ladies, I think you will appreciate this one.

First of all, if I ever complain to a male about my desperation or sleeping alone, the response I get, without fail, is that it is "so much easier for a woman to have sex than it is for a man."

You know what? That may be the case. I am pretty sure that I could have sex every night of the week if I wanted to...

...with someone I am NOT attracted to.

So, dear gentleman, kindly remember the important caveat that we ladies would like to have sex with men we actually desire.

Secondly, even if I am so lucky as to find a male I am attracted to who is willing to have sex with me (and let me tell you, that is NOT as easy as it sounds), that does not mean I am actually going to get to ENJOY it.

Maybe I won't like his style. Maybe he won't be able to perform. Maybe he will not have much stamina. Maybe he will be incredibly selfish as, sadly, so many of you are.

There are a lot of factors that go into a woman getting to enjoy intimacy. For men, you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy yourself or to at least get relief. We, on the other hand, are not so lucky.

So yeah, let me recap for you so far:

  1. Yes, women can have sex with men we are not attracted to every night of the week.
  2. Yes, we can have sex that is disappointing and dissatisfying as often as we want.

Still think women are luckier?

Here is a statistic for you: out of all the men I have had sex with, I have REALLY REALLY liked it with LESS THAN 6%. That means it was just slightly better than average or worse (usually much worse) with 94%!!!!


In order to improve your statistics, gentleman, I want to leave you with this thought - repeat it, memorize it, remember it and abide by it:

A woman should never have to ask for softer or slower, only harder and faster.

(I made that up myself!)

Soft and slow should be your baseline, let her ask for more.

As my dear, eloquent friend Kate says, "Imagine the most gentle way you can touch a woman. Now do it 100 times more gently."


And thank you.

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  1. It is always useful to get pointers. and a wise man will take all the advice he can get.

  2. Love the blog and love the advice. Point well taken.

    1. Thank you so much Unknown. I am so glad you liked it and I hope the advice helps! Let me know!!

  3. Yep, Johh Masi, true. I am going to write a follow up blog on this topic.

    What do you mean "external forces break it up?" Are you referring to a personal experience?

  4. Well said Jennifer. I have many faults and few qulities so, far from perfect however, I know what I know and more important, what I don’t know. A gentle touch is always the way to go. I get pleasure (and turned on) from giving pleasure. It’s an ego thing, want to make sure “try” to satisfy my lady as often as possible. That way, when she writes a blog, I can give her a second smile with just a memory.

    1. I am so glad to hear you are self aware, aware of the gentle touch, not selfish, and apparently, kind. :)

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    1. Hello Lawrence P. Stanley. I think individuals expect their partners to just KNOW and they are afraid of either saying what they want because they are embarrassed or because they are afraid they will hurt their partner's feelings that they are not doing something right (or both). First time someone has linked my blog to an escort service. Def afraid to click that link within the website you sent me. I am sure they will appreciate the free advertising though if I ever get a larger audience.

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