What's your narrative?

When I have a decision to make in my life, I think about what the narrative would be.

If you frame your decisions in terms of a narrative, I think it makes for a more interesting life and a lot of good stories. Anything you do can turn into an adventure when you are actively look for good narratives. And, boredom is a feeling you will never experience.

It's probably why at 43, I have enough stories to fill a memoir.

So... what makes a better narrative, looking for a job from my apartment...

...Or, looking for one from Buenos Aires???

I think the latter.

I came up with the idea a few weeks ago because I have a ton of frequent flyer miles and I have a ton of friends in Argentina. I figured I could just look for a job from there while also focusing on my unpaid job as blogger, plus I'd get to spend time with some of my favorite people in the world. And, if anyone did want to interview me while I was gone, I could do it over video (yay technology!!) .

So, here I am in Argentina for three weeks and my airfare cost me $96.

Oh, and I get to fly back business class on my way home!

Now, that is being a boss at being unemployed, if I do say so myself.

How do you like that narrative?

What is your narrative? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Well played Miss. That narrative alone should get you job prospects!

    1. Thank you Donald! Stay tuned for an update on that front!

  2. Hmmm. So Bumble's better at finding me nourishing brain food than eye candy? Operator error perhaps? Thanks for the good read - I'll be checking in.

    1. Oh wow, Cliff Pintak! What a huge compliment! Thank you! However, I hope I serve as I candy as well! :)

    2. Only a charlatan would compare you to candy Jennifer. Candy can be found at any CVS, you’re more the soufflĂ© at Commanders Palace. It receives special attention and only those that know exactly what they want get it – it must be ordered along with the entre. Of course, the metaphor only truly works if the soufflĂ© has as much nourishment as a kale salad, is 100% fat free and isn’t so rich that it can’t be enjoyed each and every night.

    3. Cliff Pintak your analogy made me laugh out loud. Thank you! Hmmm... now I feel like I need to find out more about this Commanders Palace and their souffle!


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