Ode to Anonymous

You comment from behind the safety of your phone
But I'd be better off if you just left me alone.
If next to your comments you don't dare to put your face,
Please doubt what you say will put me in my place.
If you are Anonymous and have never put yourself out there,
Don't think that about your opinions I am going to even care.
What have you done that gives you the right to condescend?
What credentials do you have that enable you to type mean words and then press send?
It takes a ton of time and work to share one's art
And for some reason you think you have the right to pull me apart?
Well, if instead you could kindly just not comment is what I would request
Because my patience I don't need put to the test.
You don't know what else is going on in my life
When you attack with your words that cause me strife.
Don't say anything at all, if you don't have something nice to say,
Because your negativity and bad vibes have the power to affect my day.
Do the universe a favor and to yourself keep your mean thought
Because I'm actually putting myself out there and I'm human not a bot.
Please just refrain if what you want to say is rude
Because the last thing the planet needs is more human interaction that is crude.
If you don't care for the lessons through my stories I am trying to teach,
It means you are just not the audience that I am trying to reach.
The internet is vast; there are plenty of people whose thinking aligns with your own,
Feel free to move on to someone whose words don't make you groan.
When someone shares their hard work, your mean comments really are not droll.
And being Anonymous and mean makes you nothing more than a cowardly internet troll.


  1. Hi! I don't know how to change it from "Unknown Google" but my name is Kate! Thanks for this fun but also meaningful poem. It takes a lot of effort to be negative; more than I believe it does to be positive. If something awakens that negativity in you and makes you want to say unkind things please don't waste your time with it. My time is valuable- it's one thing that we can't replenish. I don't waste it reading blogs/books/magazines etc. that I don't like and neither should anyone else! Yes, it's important to learn about different opinions and broaden your horizons but when it's for entertainment purposes only I think it's perfectly fine to stop reading or watching something you don't like. You wouldn't binge watch a Netflix series you don't enjoy so why read a blog you don't like? If you did watch a TV show that was unenjoyable or upsetting you probably wouldn't write to the producer telling them about it. If you did, I bet you know what their response would be...if you don't like it change the channel. Use your time wisely, be positive, surround yourself with things that bring light to your day and spread that light with others. The rewards will be well worth it.

  2. I love your poems! And I love you for your openness and honesty and haters gonna hate hate hate because they are jealous of your beauty and intelligence! You are so talented and caring and I have always admired your willingness to tell people how you really feel and giving compliments to complete strangers, and making people feel good about themselves. So keep being you because I love you!


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