When to Worry

So, first of all, I want to thank my dear readers and friends for the messages of support after I told you about the lumps I found. I just left the appointment and they are just swollen glands.


I have to tell you though, I wasn't worried. I don't mean in the sense that I wasn't concerned there might be a problem, I just mean that I chose to not worry.

My philosophy is to never worry about something unless I am absolutely certain there is something to worry about. Otherwise, it is a waste of energy.

I found the lumps on Friday morning. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment for today, the following Tuesday. That means that I could have spent the whole weekend stressing about what they might be. Did I do that? 


What did I do? I enjoyed my weekend! I saw friends, hung out at my pool, did a cool photoshoot, worked on my blog, enjoyed life.

In accordance with my philosophy, I thought that if these lumps were nothing, why waste my weekend worrying about them? And if they were something, then I would have spent my last truly stress-free weekend worrying instead of enjoying my last moments of freedom before the feeling of impending doom struck. Whether or not they turned out to be something or nothing, what would worrying accomplish anyway? Nothing!

Kind of a no-brainer.

I believe strongly that we can choose certain emotions. We can choose to get angry or not get angry. We can choose to worry our not worry. 

We can also choose to be kind and gracious, as so many of my readers and friends were to me. 

Let's choose wisely.

How do you face potentially worrisome issues? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. A single day can change your life forever. A span of five minutes can alter a course decades in the making. You open the newspaper and encounter a relentless variety of moments that leave an indelible stamp on someone. A vehicle runs a red light. Someone wins the lottery.

    But while catastrophic or sensational events make the headlines, most lives take sudden new directions without any fanfare. A man becomes a father. A worker loses his job. Moments like these, too, have an irrevocable impact on someone's habitual way of doing things.

    Life-altering events propelled by outside forces are obviously beyond our control. It's the changes brought about by our own actions that concern me. Have you ever considered that decisions you make in the snap of a finger can have far-reaching consequences on the course of your life? We have an amazing power over our destiny - and a thousand opportunities a day to exercise it.

    Take, for example, a single decision involving a problem at work. Imagine that you walk into the office tomorrow morning. The problem confronts you. It's ugly. As you always do with situations, you consider ways to avoid it. You make a mental note of other things you could do instead. An uncomfortable feeling settles over your work environment. Nothing feels wholeheartedly right. The problem doesn't go away; you just work around it.

    Now imagine that you walk into the office and the problem confronts you. Instead of resurrecting your pattern, you elect to confront the situation. You take a moment to decide which of your possible actions will constructively resolve the problem.

    You choose one. You see the outcome you desired. You've just exercised your power to change the course of your life - in one small instance that speaks of your power to have an impact on even bigger issues. You've also exercised a kind of in-the-trenches courage; by making the conscious choice to do at this moment what needs to be done, you've decided to move your life in the direction that appeals most to you.

    That's how you alter the course of your life: one decision at a time. It's not sensational. It's just a willingness to take the action necessary to be what you want to be. Choosing not to stress over the lumps was your decision to not waste unnecessary energy. Having the right attitude toward any given situation is all that we can do... you can't change everything--you can control your response, actions, and attitude!

    Thanks for sharing! DougieFresh

    1. Hi! Thank you for your very well though out response! I agree with you on all points!


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