This is how it's done.

Dating apps enable us to do many things. They enable us to meet people, to be flirty and clever and fun. They allow us to give compliments to strangers and to say nice things that might make someone's day. They also give us the opportunity to be not so nice. Here are a few screenshots that demonstrate all of the above.

(AG=App Guy)

Sometimes people lead with a boring opener so you have to help them out... and make yourself laugh at your own cleverness.

In other cases, I admit, it is hard to hold back the snark when someone both has very bad manners and also sets you up so perfectly:

Sometimes you meet someone who is as clever as you are and it makes your day.

Sometimes you need to school people on how farming and winter works.

And sometimes you need to school people on how snow works.

Sometimes you need to remind someone how to represent. When I was in my beloved home state of Maine I matched with a guy and told him to check out my Desperation story, "the one with the sexy pic." But instead of checking out my story, he sent me an image that hurt my eyes.

Sometimes men just need a little gentle reminder that women are people.

Sometimes you just need to remind guys to slow down and remember their manners.

Sometimes you need to remind people that they should just be nice to strangers. My Tinder profile has so many glitches it makes me constantly disappear and reappear to people and that is no fun for me or them. I even note this in my profile. I literally say "If we match and I disappear and then reappear and disappear, it is Tinder doing it not me! This app is full of bugs and I email Tinder about it every day." But, despite my disclaimer this guy I matched with and then disappeared from (repeatedly, without my knowledge) found me on Instagram to send me this message which hurt my feelings.

Finally, sometimes you match with someone who gives you an opener that is so wonderful you smile so much it hurts your face. This man clearly read my blog and not only opened up to me but was also so darn clever. ❤❤❤

So yeah, let's represent ourselves nicely on these apps. And, if someone isn't so nice to you? Try responding humanly, maybe they'll see the error of their ways. Let's use these apps wisely and take advantage of them to show the best of our charming selves.

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  1. Great story today, Jennifer! I think you do a great job in keeping the conversation human in a way that doesn't escalate the situation or embarrass the guys. Some wrote back some very honest apologies and you accepted them. I like these entries, and I'm still waiting for your book to be out! I hope the job search is picking up speed.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me you liked it! I didn't get much feedback on this one so I was wondering if people didn't care for it. I appreciate the reassurance! Yeah, I find if you treat people nicely, they are usually nice back and receiving that niceness is a great feeling. Working on the book, I need a book designer!


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