Ode to Ghosting

The thing I swear I hate the most
Is when a guy who's met me tries to ghost.
I hear that women do this too.
Come on, seriously, what's wrong with you?
I've learned from dating my skin has to be thick
But please, you don't need to be such a d*ck.
It's fine if you didn't feel the spark,
But it's not necessary to leave me in the dark.
Have some manners and just let me know -
Ignoring me is really low.
If you're not interested don't make me wonder;
Disappearing is such an unnecessary blunder.
A must-have skill is proper rejection -
Use it well for your own protection.
Confusion is what makes people "crazy"
So reject me politely; don't be so lazy.
Tell me "Sorry, you're great but this is not something I want to pursue,"
And I promise I'll wish the best to you.
Don't ignore me and make me worry you're somewhere dead in a ditch.
For your own sake remember... karma can be a real b*tch.

Now if someone tries to ghost you, you don't even have to think -
I've made it easy for you - just go ahead and send them this link.

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  1. your rhymes are getting pretty good!

  2. This or something like this should be on the opening page of every dating app before you can set up a profile. Dating and Karma are always talking to each other....

    1. Thank you! I agree! There should be fines for ghosting!


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