Ode to Catfish Part II

[This poem is about the newer definition of catfish, defined on Urban Dictionary as "To give the impression of being an attractive person in order to attract someone online while being a complete or near opposite of that portrayed."]

Hmmm... it appears we have a problem as you give me your hand to shake.
You don't look at all like your photos; I'm not sure they aren't fake.
Or maybe they are just really old? Like from ten years ago?
Why did you want to mislead me? That is really low.
You seem to have put on weight, looks like you've gained twenty pounds?
For ending a date early, these are definitely grounds.
I mean, come on. Why do you want your first impression to be bad?
When we meet for the first time, don't you want me to be glad?
Why misrepresent yourself and disappoint me from the start?
Goodness gracious, you false advertise as if it were an art.
And yes, gentleman readers, I know this happens to you as well.
Ladies, represent yourselves accurately - don't make your dates experience dating hell.
How about if we all practice our photography skills?
Let's have profile pics that are up to date so that our dates will be thrilled.
Just get some good lighting and a nice background, look into the lens.
Don't make starting off your date the moment you already have to make amends.
Let's manage expectations for the people we are about to meet.
We want our dates to like us for who we actually are; that is what makes dating sweet!

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