Ode to Social Media

Hey Guys, I wrote a book.
When it ever gets published,
Hopefully you'll take a look.
In order do so I need a platform.
Apparently now, that is the norm.
A million followers I need, you say?
Does that mean I have to start blogging every day?
I mean, social media is kind of my thing.
I love Facebook,
But Instagram?
What does that bring?
Why do I have to post pictures in two places?
Isn't Facebook supposed to be for faces?
And Twitter? Only 95 people follow me,
Seems like a twitterer I'll never be.
Snapchat? I won't even go there.
It's too overwhelming!
But I can't not care.
I write and I edit,
I edit and write
And until I get published I'll keep up the fight.
So I blog and I post and I work to promote
So that something will happen  with the words that I wrote.
But if Facebook and Instagram and Twitter could please just combine,
You might sooner get to read the stories of mine.


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