Jennifer Lourie author of Alone in the Backseat

I've done a lot of things so I've known for a long time that I have a story to tell.

I just didn't know how to tell it.

How do you tell the story of your life? Where do you start? How do you structure it? What do you do when the ideas swirl without formation?

You get a catalyst... If you are lucky.

It might be something you choose, or it might be something that happens to you.

In my case, it was a little of both.

I chose to keep the door open; he chose to walk through it. And there you go. Boom. Catalyst.

I always thought how cool it would be to have an IDEA. I admired entrepreneurial people but I never knew how they got their ideas, that spark to create, to innovate, that drive. I hoped one day an idea would hit me.

And then it did.

Before that catalyst, I was not happy. In fact, I was quite unhappy. I didn't have pleasant thoughts in my head anymore like I had always been used to having. I knew I needed to replace them with better thoughts but I didn't know how to turn them off. I tried to distract myself but the thoughts persisted. They played over and over in a dark loop. They were the kind of thoughts that made me understand people who have really dark thoughts. They made me understand how awful that must be. I needed a solution.

And then the catalyst happened. And the IDEA came. And it was an unstoppable force that poured out of me. All my stories, all the lessons I've learned, all the influencers in my life. Words formed into sentences and paragraphs and chapters. 44,000 words. 49,000 words. The words keep coming. A first draft. A second draft.

The idea was energizing. The idea consumed all my thoughts. The idea gave me purpose. It made me feel excited. Working so hard on it made me feel proud. That pride made me feel really good about myself. I shared my enthusiasm and my friends got excited too. People reached out, they were supportive. Their support meant everything. The IDEA became the solution.

I can't tell anyone how or where to get an IDEA. But I can tell you, leave that door open, because you never know who might just walk through it and change your life.

The IDEA is now a book!!
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  1. Having inspiration to do something so productive that means a lot to you (or literally is your whole life) is such a fantastic feeling. Going to sleep looking forward to continue it the next day, and it came out so well!

    ps. I definitely shouldn't be reading these at work lol.

    1. Thank you Unknown! Yeah, I hear that my blog decreases work productivity. ;)


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